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Founded in 1986, Sim Siang Choon Hardware Pte Ltd is today one of the leading specialist retailers of bathroom, kitchen and home-improvement products in Singapore.


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  • TROJAN Kent Sitting Bathtub #27544

    Size : 1220mm x 720mm x 390mm
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  • SIMS Bare Bathtub #27732

    Size : 1300mm x 700mm x 650mm
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  • SIMS Bare Bathtub

    #27733 (L) Bare Bathtub
    #27734 (R) Bare Bathtub

    Size : 1400mm x 800mm x 600mm
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  • SIMS Free Standing Bathtub #27731

    Size : 1670mm x 790mm x 720mm
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    Size: 1450 X 1450
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  • MILANO Bath #27930

    Size: 1700 X 700
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