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  • Kitchen Innovation: Minimise Kitchen Grease with Cooker Hood

    Cleaning is always a part of cooking in the kitchen. In Singapore, where there is a fast-paced of lifestyle, cleaning the kitchen is considered a frustrating task that might consume more than the time one spends in cooking. Good news, as part of the continuous innovation, kitchen cooker hood is
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  • Sim Siang Choon practices safety measures against COVID-19

    Implementing precautionary measures in every business establishment is one of the ways to fight against coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country. The well-being of our customers, as well as our employees, is our top priority that is why we are currently practising the following safety measure
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  • Commonly Known Issues of Kitchen Sinks - Part 2

    Condensation or “sweating” under the sink is another commonly known issue of kitchen sinks. This “sweating,” if allowed to continue over time, can damage the pipes, floors and storage below the sink. It may also cause some areas to rot and mould may build-up, if not pr
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  • Commonly Known Issues of Kitchen Sinks Part 1

    Rusty sink is one of the two top issuess when it comes to the kitchen sink. As we all know, stainless steel does not rust. When stainless items in the kitchen such as spoons, forks, and even the sink are rusty, it is a result of foreign iron particles. Sometimes, high iron content in the tap
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  • 3 Main Benefits of Kitchen Hoods

    Kitchen hoods are among the least appreciated appliances in the kitchen. In contrast, it is a valuable addition to your kitchen as it provides filtering support for your cooktop or stove whenever you cook. Kitchen hoods are designed to expel gases and odours from inside your home, making it one of
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  • Techniques in Kitchen Cabinet Organization

    Cluttered and mismanaged cabinets are some of the pain points in the kitchen. Having an unorganised kitchen cabinet makes it hard to find what you are looking for. If the budget allows, you can upgrade your cabinets to be able to fit your needs. But if upgrading is not a choice, for now, we have l
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