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  • What’s Trending for Kitchen in 2019?

    Another year has come and as this new chapter comes in, a quick change of look in the kitchen might be a good idea. If full renovation is not an option, a little bit of update can be done to give it a new look. To help you, we have here a list of what is trending for the kitchen in 2019.1. More
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  • Bathroom Cleaning Tips

    One of the jobs around the home that seem a little daunting is cleaning the toilet bowl. This part of the bathroom can harbour germs and can become very dirty if neglected. Below are some cleaning tips as well as prevention that can help maintain the cleanliness of the toilet bowl. 1. For th
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  • 4 Simple Ways to Save Your Budget on Kitchen Renovation

    Keywords: bathroom, kitchen, home-improvement   Not only will a well-designed kitchen provides a home with an attractive look but will also help in saving the time and effort while preparing food for the family. Though kitchen renovation, just like any home-improvement project, is never che
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  • Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen woks revolve around the sink. From preparation and cooking of food up to the cleaning of kitchen utensils, these involve the sink. Depending on the lifestyle that you are into, the sink should match your kitchen needs. To be able to choose the right kitchen sink, you must need to think first
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  • 5 smart design tips to make the bathroom looks larger than the actual square foot

    Living at a country with confined soil and limited land such as Singapore where spaces are a high demand, it is imminent to figure out some brilliant intellection to make the most out of every inch we have in hand to create a more spacious looking interior. Here are some design tips that one might b
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  • 5 Important Aspects that You Cannot Miss Out When Designing Your Bathroom

    The bathroom is the most frequently visited place in our home. When we design for our bathroom, we should balance the functionality and aesthetic design. There are 5 important aspects that influence the normal functions of your bathroom. Let’s dig into the scene of designing our bathroom.1. Ar
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