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  • The Hood and The Hob – Your Kitchen Necessities

    Designing kitchens tends to be a little four dimensional, as aesthetic needs to be matched with pragmatism – you can’t make a mess and call it pretty, but you can definitely make sure that the fine line between ambiance and functionality is carefully maintained. Sim Siang Choon is a mult
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  • Taps and Fixtures – Completing the Bathroom Design

    No Matter How above and beyond you go in designing your customized bathroom, it can never be complete without a complementary fixture set. This fixture set includes taps, facets and anything that fits into this specific family of bathroom paraphernalia. The design of such products is not limited to
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  • Sim Siang Choon’s take on water conserving toilets

    Did you know that you flush away about 4.5 litres of water each time you flush your toilet? That’s a lot of water that literally just goes down the drain. And if you’re a water conservation enthusiast, then this small statistic should definitely give you a pause.We live in a world that i
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  • Conserve water with Sim Siang Choon’s smart Kitchen Taps

    The digital age is all about going back to the roots in more technologically advanced ways, and since water wastage is a huge problem in today’s society, designers all over the world have been coming up with brilliant solutions for trusty water conservation in aesthetically pleasing game. Sim
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  • Efficiency with Style – Sim Siang Choon’s delectable bathroom tap collection

    Did you know that you flush down at least 30 gallons of water every time you push that small button on your commode? Or that constant water flow from a perpetually open bathroom tap can harm your product and shorten its relative life span? Sim Siang Choong – a trailblazer in the bathroom and
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  • Shower head designs for a perfect bathroom

    Small things make huge difference. Showerheads may seem like small element of the bathroom, but they can make a huge difference in the overall look and appeal of the bathroom. Making quality choices in smaller things will translate to better picture in the larger scheme of things. Below we share som
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