Creating Elegance and Functionality with Sim Siang Choon’s Bathroom Mirrors

Creating Elegance and Functionality with Sim Siang Choons Bathroom Mirrors

Gone are the days when the meaning of elegant bathroom is having a mirror as big as its wall. In this modern world, bathroom mirrors are more compact but are made with style. More and more people want to shop for mirrors that can show their personalities. There are more shapes and styles available in the market – some also include functionality. Whatever you choose to have for your home-improvement, Sim Siang Choon has both stylish and functional bathroom mirrors. Below are some trends that you might consider when shopping:

1. Circular Mirror - One of the most popular shapes preferred by homeowners, the circular mirror will look good in both classic and modern bathroom design. There is something in the circle shape that creates softness in the space. Sim Siang Choon has available mirrors that come in a circular shape and is available in both hanging and wall-mounted type. This type of mirror is also perfect for your vanity.

2. Curved Edged Mirror - Mirrors with curved edges create an instant eye-catching look in any space. Forget about the usual rectangular bathroom with sharp corners and create that on the spot change in the look of your bathroom. Rounded corners can transform your bathroom from a simple to an upscale one.

3. Unique and Artful Mirror - Looking for a statement piece to your bathroom? Sim Siang Choon offers mirrors in unique and artful shape. Not only that they provide their function as a mirror, but they also stand out and become the focal point of the room. Mirrors with unique shapes are best for simply-designed bathrooms as their beautiful shape can be an instant artwork.

4. Mirror Cabinet - If the lack of storage space is your problem in your bathroom, a mirror cabinet is an excellent option. Aside from getting the benefits of a simple mirror, you will also be able to store things behind it. Some of the mirror cabinets of Sim Siang Choon also have additional shelves, so you have more room for your bathroom essentials.

At Sim Siang Choon, we provide both kitchen and bathroom products that are sure to make your home both elegant and functional.