Organising Accessories for Kitchen Countertop

Organising Accessories for Kitchen Countertop

Things in the kitchen seem to pile up every day. To make the space look clean and clutter-free, here are some organising accessories that can help:

Hanging Bar
Hanging bars have always been a trendy accessory in the kitchen. It keeps your cooking tools easy to reach without them looking all cluttered. They always look lovely while they are all hanging above your countertop. You can also use these bars to hang your kitchen towels, so you can easily find them.

Multi-purpose Hook
The best partner of your hanging bars is the multi-purpose hook. They may be small, but their function is one-of-a-kind. Use them whenever you need to hang things like spoons, spatulas, mugs, etc.

Multi-purpose Rack
For kitchens with limited countertop space, having a multi-purpose rack is a must-have. You can put your spices and other condiments on it so that they will all look neat without taking up too much space in the counter. You can also use racks to keep your must-haves nearby, but not scattered all around the counter.

Fork and Spoon Holder
We all know that there are spoons and forks for special occasions, and those are all inside the cabinets. But for those that you use daily, having a fork and spoon holder is a saviour. You do not need to open the cupboards to find them if they are already available on the counter.

Dish Rack
One of the most common countertop pieces is the dish rack. It is where you put those newly-cleaned plates that need to dry up. And like the fork and spoon holder, you can also use this to place the dishes that you use regularly. It is always nice to have them on reach whenever you want to grab a quick meal on the counter.

Sim Siang Choon does not only offer big products for your kitchen, bathroom and overall home-improvement. We also provide small pieces that can help you de-clutter and keep your home nice and organised.