What’s Trending for Kitchen in 2019?

Another year has come and as this new chapter comes in, a quick change of look in the kitchen might be a good idea. If full renovation is not an option, a little bit of update can be done to give it a new look. To help you, we have here a list of what is trending for the kitchen in 2019.

1. More Casual Look - We all love to do get-togethers with our family. This is a constant tradition for every family whenever there are special occasions. Most of the time, we do it in the living room but this year, the kitchen can also be a place where everyone can feel comfortable so you might want to make it look more casual. Sim Siang Choon’s wirewares for the kitchen can be part of dressing it up because of its simplicity and it does not look complicated when visitors are around.

2. Open Kitchen - Open Kitchen concept is still trending this year as it gives a kitchen a more relaxed feel. This can be done by removing at least one wall. Doing it also requires less budget than what is expected.

3. Metallic highlights - This year, metallic finishes will be more popular for home improvement. One of the ways to do this is by replacing old cooker hoods and hobs with ones with stainless steel finishing. These can not only give an aesthetically-looking accent to the overall look of the kitchen, but they are also functional.  Another way to do it is by installing new metallic faucets and sink mixers with different shapes.

4. Minimalist - Nobody can go wrong with a minimalist style. If you are the one who loves minimalism, guess what, it is will still be on trend. From cabinetry to simple artworks, it will surely make your kitchen look uncluttered. Minimalist style can go well in any type of kitchen and it is one of the options to make your kitchen look cleaner all the time. You can even continue this look to your bathroom, living room, and even in your own rooms. As the old saying goes, “simplicity is beauty.”

Whether you are simply remodelling your kitchen or just want a simple upgrade, try to incorporate one of these if you haven’t done it yet. We, at Sim Siang Choon, can help you with your kitchen transition. From sinks, hobs, and even the small details such as faucets, our hands will be open to help you go with the trend this 2019.